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Tony Clifford from Standard Solar: Being acquired by Gaz Metro and working on SEIA
04/25/2017  |  

Tony Clifford has been with Standard Solar for over a decade, spending much of his time as the CEO until stepping aside late in 2016. This wasn’t his first time in solar, having worked for Solarex and BP Solar in the Carter/Reagan years. What are the parallels between the Carter/Reagan transition to those between Obama/Trump when it comes to solar?


Connecticut Community Girl Scout Troop and Energy Advisory Committee Present Renewable Energy Earth Day
04/21/2017  |  

Girls achieve their Silver Award badge by mapping out the municipal energy saving 3.4 MW solar system and geothermal projects in town


UMCES commits to generating solar energy on Horn Point campus
04/10/2017  |  

CAMBRIDGE, MD (April 6, 2017)—Solar renewable energy will soon be generated in Cambridge, Maryland on the grounds of the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (UMCES). UMCES has signed an agreement with Standard Solar, Inc. to install solar field on approximately 10 acres of its Horn Point Laboratory (HPL) campus. The solar field is expected to generate 2 MW of solar renewable energy.


Details on one of the largest urban solar projects in the U.S. nearing completion
04/05/2017  |  

Solar projects have so much more potential when viewed as a collective bundle versus typical one-off projects, specifically when municipalities are behind the idea. The work Standard Solar is doing for the DC Department of General Services (DGS) is a great example as it includes 30 solar rooftop arrays throughout Washington, D.C.


Standard Solar Celebrates Solar Success with DC Department of General Services—Arrays Totaling Nearly 7MW on 28 Schools, Police, Fire and Other DC-Owned Facilities Now Generating
03/29/2017  |  

Turnkey PV systems maximized the limited space available on typical urban rooftops in DC