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Funding & Acquisitions

Growth-Focused Solar Funding

Standard Solar knows that funding can be the barrier that stops promising solar projects from moving forward. With more than 17 years in solar, we offer various financial structures that remove barriers to getting started and are designed to help you quickly deliver your commercial or community solar project.

Direct Funding

Our in-house project capital enables expedited project development compared to traditional brokerage deals which take longer to secure financing from outside lenders. With more than $600 million of development capital and access to tax equity, we have funding ready to invest in smart solar growth at any stage.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

A common solution for businesses, municipalities and educational institutions, Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) rank as one of the most popular commercial solar financing options. PPAs allow you to reap the financial rewards and benefits of a solar array without upfront costs and the incumbent risks of development and long-term asset-ownership.

Through the PPA, you agree to purchase the power generated by the solar array at a fixed monthly rate delivering ongoing predictable energy savings in exchange for hosting the system.

Project Acquisition

With a nationwide operational footprint that includes a range of installations, Standard Solar is always looking to acquire high-quality projects to own and operate long term. By planning for acquisition with us, our developer partners secure the return on their project’s investment, allowing them to focus on new opportunities.

Financial Diligence that Maximizes Efficiencies

Unlike working with traditional financial institutions that don’t know solar, we’re intimately familiar with what it takes to make a project work financially. Our partners benefit from our disciplined approach to financial diligence and the opportunity to draw on our team’s technical expertise. From complex multi-site installations to community solar and PPAs, our process ensures your project will generate financial returns well into the future.

Our installation is a win-win-win. Using solar energy helps reduce the University’s carbon footprint, the panels provide shade and protection for vehicles and thanks to our partnership with Standard Solar the canopy was built at no cost to the state or university.

Janet Dudley-Eshbach

President, Salisbury University

Let’s Talk Solar Development & Funding Solutions

Make your commercial or community solar project a reality by leveraging our proven development approach that includes in-house funding, acquisition and long-term asset ownership. Together, we can build something that will stand the test of time and maximize returns for the duration.

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