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Check out how MEA's Community Solar LMI PPA Grant Program is helping to bring clean energy to the community.
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Our president & CEO, Scott Wiater, was recently interviewed by iHeartMedia about the company's mission, current work and future goals as well as the benefits of #solar and how it’s transforming the way Americans get their energy. #energytransformation

We're spreading more #solar in the state of #Maryland! Read about our systems at Baltimore’s first net-zero schools providing #cleanenergy to reduce their carbon footprint, and giving teachers outdoor solar classrooms and renewables-focused lessons.

Could #solar pay for your next facility roof? Read what Daryl has to say about how going solar can help your organization get that much-needed roof work. #energytwitter #facilitiesmanager

Check out the article here:

Construction Group and Solar Panel

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Make your commercial or community solar project a reality by leveraging our proven development approach that includes in-house funding, acquisition and long-term asset ownership. Together, we can build something that will stand the test of time and maximize returns for the duration.

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