Owner Operator Background
Long-Term Asset Owner-Operator

Our Operational Footprint Is Growing

Owning and operating solar assets long term requires a specialized team with the expertise and training to ensure the array performs as expected. Developers, businesses, municipalities and other institutions rely on Standard Solar to own, manage and maintain their solar installations as a part of our growing operational footprint.

Solar Panel Construction Review

At any stage of the development process, Standard Solar can acquire and take on ownership of your project. Acquisition is an attractive option for many commercial solar developers and site owners due to the complexities of owning an array long term. With extensive experience as an asset owner, Standard Solar prides itself on maintaining assets for long-term performance and safety.

Let’s Talk Solar Development & Funding Solutions

Make your commercial or community solar project a reality by leveraging our proven development approach that includes in-house funding, acquisition and long-term asset ownership. Together, we can build something that will stand the test of time and maximize returns for the duration.

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