Achieving Solar’s Potential

See How We’re Shaping the Future of Solar

Driving Growth

Since our founding in 2004, the U.S. solar industry has grown from 58 MW to reach 88.9 GW of total installed solar capacity.

At the time, few saw the solar industry becoming ubiquitous. Even though the industry was in its infancy at that time, we knew solar’s potential. Today the possibilities of solar have grown and we’re focused on creating pathways for successful development that drive the industry forward.

Through our experience in commercial and community solar development, we know that smart growth depends on access to funding, technical expertise and a shared vision for sustainable growth. We’re proud to provide resources, guidance and the knowledge we’ve gained to educate others, advance policy and deliver safe and robust solar projects with lasting benefits.




Technical Certifications



We believe this is solar’s time, and together we can shape its future.

As one of the nation’s leading commercial and community solar companies, we know when we work together as an industry, we can achieve more. By working collaboratively with forward-thinking, progressive companies, we’re bringing ground-breaking projects to life.

We know how to spot the challenges that can delay and derail the development process. With more than $600 million of in-house development capital, industry-leading engineering experts and a keen understanding of the industry, we’re a trusted partner for your future in solar.

We operate firmly rooted in the understanding that solar can bring transformative benefits to all communities.

Sustainability is fundamental to Standard Solar’s operations. This is evident in our commitment to commercial and community solar projects that provide maximum economic and environmental benefits to American businesses and families across the country. We foster positive social and economic impact in all we do, from operating sustainably and reducing energy inequity to offering an inclusive work environment and giving back to our communities.

As an integral part of Brookfield’s decarbonization investment strategy, Standard Solar engages in business practices and nurtures a portfolio that is aligned with Brookfield’s commitment to operating in a productive and sustainable manner so as to accelerate the global transition to net zero.

Let’s Talk Solar Development & Funding Solutions

Make your commercial or community solar project a reality by leveraging our proven development approach that includes in-house funding, acquisition and long-term asset ownership. Together, we can build something that will stand the test of time and maximize returns for the duration.

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