Standard Solar installs 12 solar carports for Arizona fire department

Standard Solar delivered a 12-building solar carport project for the Northwest Fire District in Tucson, Arizona. The multi-site project uses parking lot shade canopies at Tucson fire stations, a training center and an operations warehouse in the Northwest Fire District.

The 657-kilowatt system was completed in partnership with CI Labs, an industry leader of commercial and industrial underwriting, engineering and financing analytic platforms, and Urban Energy Solutions, LLC, a Veregy Company, a multi-disciplined performance contracting and energy solutions company. Standard Solar funded the project and will own and operate the system.

Energy- and Cost-Saving Solar Solutions

The system was funded using a Solar Services Agreement resulting in no upfront costs from Northwest Fire District. Under this agreement, the project is owned and operated by Standard Solar long term, and the district will enjoy annual energy savings by purchasing the power generated by their solar carports.

The combined carport canopies are expected to produce 1.23 million kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy annually, which is equivalent to offsetting the greenhouse gas emissions from 187,884 passenger vehicles driven for one year and the CO2 emissions from 958,245,129 pounds of coal burned.