Smart Solar Development that Removes Financial Barriers for Commercial Solar

CAL FIRE, an agency that fights wildfires in California, sought to further its mission of protecting public safety by installing a solar electric system funded through a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

The 600-kilowatt solar installation, at the CAL FIRE training facility in Ione, California was built by EnSync Energy.

“Costs often remain a barrier to adopting solar, and this PPA offers a win-win solution that facilitates deployment of renewable energy,” said Standard Solar President and CEO Scott Wiater.

Meeting California’s Sustainable Building Requirements

The installation consists of a solar system on the classroom roof and solar canopy built over the parking lot of the new dormitory in the training facility. The canopy keeps parked cars cool and reduces the heat island effect while generating clean energy for the facility. These features helped the facility meet the requirements for Governor Brown’s 2012 executive order (B-18-12) mandating green building practices at State buildings.