Residents of Allegany County Enjoy Economic Benefits of Community Solar

Community solar opens the benefits of solar to anyone who receives an electric bill, including lower-income residents, businesses, municipalities, schools and nonprofits. In addition, its cost competitiveness and ability to expand into new markets is driving investments in Maryland communities at a time when they are greatly needed.

The 2.7 megawatt (MW) Flintstone project is expected to provide savings and clean power to hundreds of local Maryland subscribers. Standard Solar financed and will own and operate the Flintstone Community Solar project in Allegany County, Maryland, currently under construction and actively being subscribed in partnership with Ogos Energy LLC, Earth and Air Technologies and Neighborhood Sun.

Community Solar Offers the LMI Community a 10% Savings

“Allegany County is proud to have an innovative energy project that brings investment as well as long-term tax revenue to the local economy for years to come,” said Jake Shade, President of the Allegany County Board of Commissioners.

The project’s received grant funding from the Maryland Energy Administration’s (MEA) FY20 Community Solar LMI PPA Incentive Grant Program (LMI-PPA Program) which aims to offer renewable energy from a local community solar project to members of the Low and Moderate Income (LMI) community. Community solar subscribers are guaranteed a 10% annual energy savings by committing to purchase power from community solar.