Many solar and renewables companies are making efforts to become more diverse and inclusive. Here at Standard Solar, we’ve always believed in the value of diversity—diversity of thought, experience, background and ethnicity. To illustrate our beliefs, we launched a Diversity and Inclusion Council, and have become even more involved in our community to foster a greater understanding of the solar industry and the impact it can have on real lives. We also sponsored The Solar Foundation’s Solar Industry Diversity Study 2019, which made specific recommendations to the industry as a whole about how to improve diversity and inclusion. Awareness is key so let’s continue to move forward on this important road.

Here’s a list of organizations that are also working toward making the solar industry more diverse.

SEIA #DiversityChallenge (
SEIA is the national trade association for the U.S. solar industry. In May of this year, the SEIA issued a Diversity Challenge to the energy industry – #DiversityChallenge.

WRISE promotes the education, professional development, and advancement of women to achieve a strong diversified workforce and support a robust renewable energy economy.

Grid Alternatives (
GRID Alternatives’ vision is a successful transition to clean, renewable energy that includes everyone. Our mission is to make renewable energy technology and job training accessible to underserved communities.

The American Association of Blacks in Energy (
A national association of energy professionals founded and dedicated to ensure the input of African Americans and other minorities into the discussions and developments of energy policies regulations, R&D technologies, and environmental issues.

Asians in Energy (
Asians in Energy’s mission is to lead Asian Pacific Americans on energy and telecommunications issues and trends to inspire understanding, expand knowledge and strengthen our communities.

Hispanics in Energy (
A community-driven, non-profit organization designed to facilitate Hispanic inclusion in America’s energy industry.

Women in Energy (WE) (
A national association founded with the goal to create a community for energy professionals focused on education, mentorship, and growth.

Association of Women in Energy (
An organization solely dedicated to helping women in the energy industry providing opportunities for women to meet other energy industry professionals and to enhance their knowledge of issues facing the industry.

Women’s Council on the Energy & Environment (
The Women’s Council on Energy and the Environment (WCEE) is a non-partisan, policy-neutral organization that focuses on women, energy and the environment.

Women in Solar Energy (
The networking center point of the solar energy industry, united towards a common goal of advancing women in all aspects of the solar energy industry and promoting diversity and forward thinking business practices in our community.