A Partnership to Expand Community Solar Access for Colorado Residents

Leading national solar companies Pivot Energy and Standard Solar co-developed 11 community solar sites across Colorado. The portfolio of projects, all ground mount arrays, total approximately 8.9 megawatts (MWs).

The two companies partnered on 13 community solar sites totaling 10.3 MWs along the I-70 corridor in Colorado – including several towns, school districts and housing authorities (low-income residents). One of the projects in this initial portfolio, the Garfield County Housing Authority (GCHA), was selected by the Colorado Solar & Storage Association as its 2019 Community Solar Project of the Year.

Demonstrated Expertise Delivering Community Solar

Standard Solar funded, owns and maintains the community solar arrays that Pivot Energy developed and constructed. Customer enrollment and subscriptions are managed through SunCentral, Pivot Energy’s proprietary community solar customer management interface that provides users with a seamless and enjoyable community solar experience.

“Community solar is currently the hottest segment of the solar industry, and we see unlimited opportunities for growth, especially through strong partnerships like the one we have with Pivot Energy,” said Scott Wiater, President and CEO of Standard Solar. “We look forward to funding more opportunities in Colorado and nationwide with our in-house capital, making more projects – from 100 kWs to dozens of MWs – a reality.”

Long-Term Benefits for the Local Community

Together, the projects are expected to produce 17,791,770 kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy annually. That translates to offsetting the greenhouse gas emissions from 2,671 passenger vehicles driven for one year and the CO2 emissions from 1,507 homes’ energy use for one year.

“Pivot Energy is thrilled to partner with Standard Solar to bring more clean and affordable solar energy to residents, businesses, and communities in our home state,” said Jon Sullivan, Vice President of Project Development for Pivot Energy. “Pivot is committed to accelerating the country’s transition to a clean and distributed electric grid. The projects and partnership we have built with Standard Solar represent us getting one step closer to achieving that commitment.”