By Scott Wiater, President of Standard Solar

Conventional wisdom, if you listen to most solar industry analysts, maintains that commercial solar is lagging behind the utility and residential sectors when it comes to finding financing. That conventional wisdom is dead wrong—but that doesn’t mean commercial solar doesn’t suffer from some disadvantages other segments have managed to avoid.

After all, the risk profile for commercial solar is different and often more complex than for other projects. End-users can’t always provide some of the traditional credit measuring tools like credit scores, and multi-tenant properties create even more headaches. But the biggest problem for commercial solar financing is the fragmentation of the market.

The commercial segment’s 10 biggest companies only have 42% of the market in their grasp, meaning multiple companies can claim they have the best process for getting commercial solar deals done. Unfortunately, the lack of standardization leads to bottlenecks at the customer-origination point, meaning there’s a lack of consistent growth in both the segment or available to companies who want to serve it.

Just because something is difficult doesn’t make it impossible, however. If you want to find out what we think the best financing options for commercial solar projects are, download our eBook, where we explore these ideas in more depth.

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