It takes a strong stomach these days to be in the commercial solar industry. With the uncertainty in policy and the challenges of financing, doing deals in the commercial solar space isn’t something just any company can do.

Commercial solar still struggles to find investors who have the willingness to take on the additional uncertainty that surrounds the segment. Big banks aren’t interested in doing something small, and neighborhood banks don’t have the expertise to understand what it takes to do a commercial solar deal.

And with tariffs increasing prices on materials from modules to racking and almost everything in between, it’s hard to sign on the dotted line because accurate project costs can be challenging to project.

So where is someone who has a great commercial solar project supposed to get funding?

The smart solar firms that specialize in the commercial sector are removing these barriers by self-funding projects through partnerships with well-capitalized energy companies providing the money. Read more about commercial solar financing in our free eBook.

That’s why we’re excited and humbled that over the last three weeks we’ve signed 50 MW of commercial deals throughout the United States. Whether it’s our deals in Minnesota, Virginia and California, the 33 MW community solar deal we signed in New York or the first deal ever under the Massachusetts SMART program, we’ve proven once again that if you have deals anywhere in the United States, Standard Solar can help you do them.

We believe the momentum we’ve picked up with this series of deals will propel us into an excellent fourth quarter, with even more great deals announced then. And where we are really excited is the position this puts us in for 2019—when only the sky will limit where we can and will have done projects.

So when people tell you there aren’t deals being done in commercial solar, whether because of the policy uncertainty or the difficulty of finding financing, tell them they’re wrong. With the proper combination of expertise, funding and perseverance, deals can still get done—just ask us.