Don’t you get tired of citing the “90% of Americans like solar” statistic?

I mean, don’t get me wrong: It’s a great stat, and it gives wings to those of us who believe solar power is the way the United States will be powered in the future. But it’s an old statistic, and it’s one that everyone has already heard. It’s time for some new statistics to inform the debate about solar energy.

Well, along comes a new survey by Swytch, a blockchain platform that tracks, verifies and rewards those reducing the global carbon footprint, and it contains some exciting new statistics for solar advocates everywhere.

My personal favorite? 81% of all Americans—regardless of political affiliation or state—not only believe in clean energy, but believe that solar is the most important form of clean energy. In other words, we no longer have to convince people that solar is the best way to green the grid and reduce our carbon footprint.

That’s an important statistic in today’s debate over whether to bail out failing coal and nuclear plants (we shouldn’t) or whether nuclear should be considered a clean energy (it should not).

The part of the survey that’s gotten the most headlines is that members of the National Rifle Association (NRA)—an assumed conservative group—are more likely to have solar actually installed on their roofs than members of Greenpeace, an assumed liberal group. So it’s becoming increasingly clear that solar not only is no longer a niche market, but it’s cutting across everyone on the political spectrum—including receiving support from non-traditional allies like the NRA.

If solar is the solution—and 81% of Americans believe it is—let’s just say so. No more equivocation, no more “if/then” statements. The American people are on our side, and it’s time to let our politicians know that.

After all, the fossil fuel interests aren’t just giving up. Their network of powerful lobbyists and allies continue to make their case to the powers that be, which is why we’re close to having the bailout—and they don’t have anywhere near the numbers of supporters solar does.

So get on the phones. Call your Congresspeople. Make sure they hear about this study and explain to them how your life has been affected positively by solar.

We can defeat the fossil-fuel interests with a concerted grassroots effort—but it’s got to start with us.