It can be easy to get lost in the day-to-day tasks of work and forget how wonderful a family the solar industry is. But Solar Power World just reminded me of that fact when it decided to honor me as an innovator and influencer in its most recent issue.

Since I don’t like talking about myself—no one is more aware than I am that working at Standard Solar is a true team effort—I won’t repeat the nice things the article (really Mark Richardson from US Light Energy) says about me. If you must, you can go pick up the latest issue of Solar Power World and read it for yourself (you should be doing that anyway). Nevertheless, it was a pleasant surprise to see the article appear, and I’m humbled by the nice things it/Mark says.

It should never be overlooked, however, that no one gets that kind of recognition alone. When I joined Standard Solar in 2008, I was surrounded by men and women of great vision and innovation. Men like Tony Clifford, Lee Bristol and Neville Williams, whose creativity and genius for the solar industry continue to inform everything I do today. I will forever be grateful to their leadership and mentorship to me, and I hope I can be half the leader and innovator that they were (and, in Tony’s case, continue to be).

It’s also true that no leader ever stands alone, and that without the amazing team the worked at Standard Solar, ready to roll up their sleeves at a moment’s notice and do the hard work of executing on a shared vision, I wouldn’t be on Solar Power World’s radar as a leader or otherwise.

Finally, I want to thank the team at our owner Énergir. Fueled by $300 million in low-cost capital and willingness to trust me and the rest of the leadership team, we’ve been able to bring some amazing projects to life, including those highlighted in the article. Without their strength and support, Standard Solar would still be a good company—but it wouldn’t have had the ability to be the great company it is today.

I don’t know what the future holds for the solar industry, but I know it’s a strong one. People across the country are waking up to the power of solar as an electricity source, and companies across the industry are rushing to make the Solar Century a reality.

Congratulations to the other leaders and innovators recognized by Solar Power World—it’s an honor to be considered among you.