Cake&Cardio 1) What is your role at Standard Solar?

I became the human resources manager at the end of March.


2) What made you think working in solar would be rewarding and fun?

I didn’t know a lot about solar going in, but the thought of learning about a new industry like solar was intriguing. The company’s mission is the rewarding part—being part of a company that is helping improve the environment is just awesome.


3) How much did you know about solar before you started working at Standard Solar?

I didn’t know much, at least not much more than your average person. I did know it was a good way to reduce your energy costs.


4) What’s your favorite sports team?

I am a Washington Redskins fan, of course.


5) When you’re not on the clock, what’s your favorite activity?

I love exercising. I try to work out four to five times a week, and my workouts are hard-core and super challenging. I like to push myself to the max when I work out. Otherwise, I don’t feel like I got a good workout.


6) What’s your favorite thing about your job?

I love the people. I love meeting new people and being able to help them in whatever capacity I can, whether it be benefits related or just to sit down and chat.


7) What makes Standard Solar a great place to work?

The people and culture are phenomenal. The people are super friendly, welcoming and easygoing—they care about making sure employees have a good work/life balance.


8) What’s your favorite dessert?

My favorite dessert is cake—and not just any cake. It has to be a store bought cake with super rich butter cream icing. In fact, I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.


9) What would you tell people if they asked you if they should join the Standard Solar team?

If you have a passion for solar, then this is the place for you. We are a growing company with a good group of people who work hard and are passionate about their work—but don’t take themselves too seriously. We care about our employees and want to see them grow as we do.