We guide our clients through each phase of the process—Financing, Design, Engineering and Installation.

With solar PV systems installed around the country, Standard Solar’s national experience and influence can provide your organization with the best solar solution.

Commercial Solar Solutions

Commercial INDUSTRY
Whether you are looking for a rooftop solar installation, a carport or a ground mount, our highly qualified team has deep experience managing multi-million dollar projects across all industries.

Public Sector Solar Solutions

Public Sector INDUSTRY
Since 2004, Standard Solar has been creatively solving the solar energy needs of clients.

Education Solar Solutions

Education INDUSTRY
With more than two dozen educational industry installations, Standard Solar is the trusted solar partner for
educational institutions.

Agriculture Solar Solutions

Agriculture INDUSTRY
For businesses that base their livelihood on the land, solar energy is a perfectly paired resource.

Utilities Solar Solutions

Utilities INDUSTRY
Whether you are a Utility, a Landowner, an Industrial Building Owner or an Independent Power Producer (IPP),
Standard Solar is the partner you can trust.


Tony Clifford, Standard solar, CEO

Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission

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