Commercial developer sets example for clients with multi-tech solar system — solar canopy, carport and rooftop

The project, located at multiple DANAC buildings in Rockville, Md., includes a parking garage solar canopy, a solar carport and a rooftop system at the 9420 Key West Ave location. It includes 2,180 modules and 19 inverters and is approximately 709 kW DC in size. Combined, the DANAC project is expected to produce 868 MWh in its first year.

To speed up installation of the solar canopies, QuadPod Solar Canopies from Quest Renewables were used. The canopies are pre-assembled on the ground and lifted by crane into position for final installation. Working on the ground allowed faster module installation and site management, which provided Standard Solar the ability to keep costs under control and save the client money on the project.

DANAC’s project reduces the equivalent carbon emissions of 650,938 pounds of coal burned, the equivalent greenhouse gas emissions of 1,461,983 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle and the equivalent carbon sequestered by 15,809 tree seedlings grown for 10 years.