ROCKVILLE, MDAugust 4, 2015 Standard Solar, a leading solar energy company specializing in the development and financing of solar electric systems nationwide, today announced significant progress on its second Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) commitment. In 2013, the company committed to partnering with innovative companies to develop and demonstrate new products and technologies that enhance markets, reduce costs, and/or promote new revenue streams for solar photovoltaics (PV). Over the past two years, Standard Solar has pushed progress through solar microgrid development, cost reductions in residential PV systems and utilizing a smart grid to improve grid reliability. ClicktoTweet

CGI is an initiative of the Clinton Foundation that calls on global leaders to create and implement innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.

As its initial project under this second commitment, Standard Solar worked with SolarGrid Storage (recently acquired by SunEdison, Inc.), to create one of the nation’s first commercial solar microgrids at Konterra Realty, located in Maryland. In addition to providing an environmentally friendly, indigenous source of power, this system has unique features that benefit the electricity grid and provide a continuous power source even when sunlight is unavailable.

“The Konterra project brought together a diverse set of stakeholders in support of a true game changer for the solar industry,” said Tony Clifford, Standard Solar CEO. “Although projects of this type aren’t yet commonplace, their commercial potential continues to grow.”

Since the completion of the Konterra microgrid system, Standard Solar has established partnerships with other innovative companies. In 2014, the company worked with ConnectDer (formerly Infinite Invention) to support the development and demonstration of a new product that reduces grid connection costs for residential PV systems. Standard Solar also worked with Pepco, a utility company, to develop a solar microgrid demonstration project as well as a Smart Grid Inverter Pilot Program that allows customers to maximize their use of distributed solar power while simultaneously improving grid reliability. Finally, Standard Solar has committed funds to the University of Delaware as part of a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) proposal to develop electric storage paired with PV. 

“Through collaboration, we’re able to demonstrate new technologies at a far greater scale than would be possible through independent efforts,” said Clifford. “We’re proud of our ground-breaking solar microgrid partnerships, and look forward to push boundaries that bring new technologies into the mainstream.” 

Standard Solar has allocated or secured several million dollars towards these innovative partnerships. The company will contribute additional funds and resources over the coming years as part of their ongoing effort to fully integrate PV with the grid.

In 2006, Standard Solar made its first commitment to CGI (one of 256 domestic CGI commitments), to install 15,000 kW of solar PV within five years. In 2011, Standard Solar was recognized by (CGI) as a featured example of a new domestic business venture that had succeeded at becoming a fast-growth solar service company. The company was one of six organizations highlighted by the CGI for achieving their commitments.

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