Standard Solar Employees Appeal to Maryland Lawmakers Not to Pull the Plug on Solar

ANNAPOLIS, Md., February 16 – A new residential installer and a new system engineer of Gaithersburg-based Standard Solar joined CEO Tony Clifford Tuesday in asserting the economic benefits of the state’s solar industry and asking the Maryland General Assembly to improve incentives that are creating new clean energy jobs and growing the state’s tax base.

During a press conference organized by Environment Maryland, Amanda Braeuniger told attendees she is grateful to have found a job installing residential solar panel systems. “The thought of losing the momentum that we in Maryland have built with the help of state and other incentives is troubling,” the Frederick County resident said. “Why give up on what we’re achieving not just energy-wise but with new jobs like mine that are putting people back to work with the benefits and peace-of-mind that comes with it?”

Marcus Joyner, who designs commercial solar energy systems for Standard Solar and lives in Baltimore City, acknowledged the pressure on lawmakers to be doubly careful of the state’s finances. “But solar represents our future and the new jobs needed to meet the growing demand for clean electricity,” Joyner said. “New jobs mean more tax revenues to the state which are what Maryland needs to grow out of the recession,” Joyner added.

Clifford, who was one of Standard Solar’s first employees and as Chief Executive Officer now heads the 70-plus person solar system developer and installer, said now is not the time to pull the plug on growth of Maryland’s solar industry.

“We have come a long way since the renewable electricity requirement the General Assembly passed and Governor O’Malley signed into law began taking effect in the summer of 2008,” said Clifford, who testified before the Senate Finance Committee about the Governor’s recommendations in Senate Bill 277 and House Bill 471 to improve the renewable electricity requirement.

With the help of the state’s and other incentives, Standard Solar has created more than 60 jobs since the requirement went into effect.

“We agree with what Governor O’Malley is asking the General Assembly to do by setting a more aggressive schedule for increasing solar electric output in the state and requiring energy providers to pay higher penalties if they are late on meeting solar targets,” Clifford added.

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