Even small improvements can make a home more comfortable,
and efficient in the summer months

Rockville, MD – June 6, 2013 – Homeowners seeking to mitigate increased energy costs during the summer months and keep their homes at a comfortable temperature are increasingly looking to energy management technologies and improvements to increase home energy efficiency. Standard Energy Solutions (SES), a Standard Solar company, has recently expanded its offerings to bring customers the most extensive and effective services in home energy management, so that they can enjoy a safe and comfortable home in any season.

From higher air conditioning electricity costs to storms and power outages, summer can bring a host of concerns. SES offers the following tips for peace of mind and efficiency:

● Offset increased electric costs with solar. For many families, having children home from school means increased electric usage throughout the days of summer. In addition, during summer heat waves more electricity is needed to keep the home at the desired temperature. During these same sunny summer days, solar panels produce energy at their peak, which helps to counter the high summer electric bill.

● Insulation and air sealing in the proper places will keep cool air in and reduce the amount of hot air that enters. Often, homes have rooms that do not reach the same temperature as the rest of the home, either becoming too hot or cold. By inspecting the building’s envelope (the physical separator between the interior and the exterior environments of a building), insulating and sealing leaks where necessary, these areas can be greatly improved.

● Install LED bulbs to decrease the amount of heat produced by lighting in the home. LED bulbs not only use less energy, but they also produce less heat. With incandescent bulbs, 90 percent of the energy released is heat (they can reach 180 degrees) and only 10 percent is light. An LED bulb, on the other hand, runs at an average temperature of 90 degrees and converts 60 percent of its electricity to light.

● Install a programmable thermostat that works with Smart Home components. Programmable thermostats help maintain a comfortable, ideal temperature, but pairing one with Smart Home technology allows ultimate control of the home’s energy use from anywhere, even when you are away.

● Prepare for summer storms and rolling blackouts with a home generator and surge protector. Protect against the inconveniences caused by power outages, including lost productivity, spoiled food and other concerns with a whole house or emergency generator.

● Participate in local utilities’ peak power shut off program. Many utility companies have programs that provide cash or credits for agreeing to have a switch installed on the air conditioning unit that reduce its energy use during times of peak electric usage. This can help lower energy costs. To find out more, visit your local utility company’s website.

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SES is a BPI Accredited Contractor, ensuring its customers’ home energy efficiency solutions are installed to the highest standards and participates in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Energy’s Home Performance with Energy Star program. It also employs NABCEP certified engineers, installers and top electricians to ensure the quality of work for its solar installations.

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Standard Energy Solutions, a Standard Solar company, provides home energy solutions; exceeding the highest standards in all aspects of home solar, energy efficiency and energy management implementation. The company’s team of experts helps customers reduce energy costs by delivering solutions that empower them to have greater comfort in their homes and control over their own energy production and usage. Offering a vast array of products and services to ensure the most cutting-edge energy solutions, Standard Energy Solutions is committed to providing customers with a complete turnkey solution including engineering, installation, financing and system maintenance solutions. For more information, www.standardenergysolutions.com.

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