This comprehensive resource answers many of industry’s most fundamental questions on topics such as compensation models and the states with the most favorable policies

ROCKVILLE, Md.—May 6, 2020 — Together, distributed generation (DG) solar and storage can help meet the increasing demand for energy, aid the United States’ aging grid in this time of economic crisis and help achieve aggressive clean energy targets. However, the path to monetizing and successfully implementing DG solar (PV) + storage has not been clear.

In Standard Solar’s new eBook, “The Evolution of Distributed Generation Solar (DG PV) + Storage,” company experts explain why DG PV + storage is beneficial, report on current compensation models, highlight the states with the most favorable policies and examine possibilities for a standard system of compensation—one that will help solar developers determine the overall cost of installing systems that include storage.

“Now more than ever, the benefits of DG PV + storage are critical in helping the industry withstand uncertainty and economic challenges,” said Dan Dobbs, CFO, Standard Solar. “The future of this technology is great—from solving grid integration issues to facilitating load shifting—and resources including this eBook will help educate the industry and move us forward to better solutions and implementations.”

Although the market has slowed due to the current economic issues related to COVID-19, support for storage policy and standardization is ongoing at a federal, state and local level as states look to use storage to meet their renewable portfolio standards. This eBook provides a run-down of current state policies based on a report by the Energy Storage Association.

“Multiple states offer incentives for DG PV + storage project development, most notably in New York, Massachusetts and California, resulting in batteries playing a wider role in the energy landscape including increasing resiliency and grid reliability,” explained Standard Solar’s Vice President of Engineering C.J. Colavito.

Download the eBook for free here.

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