A few facts you probably didn’t know about Wilmington, Delaware: 1) it’s one of the highest-ranking cities nationwide for solar capacity per capita and 2) it had the world’s largest Lego tower in 2013. Admittedly, we weren’t involved in fact #2, so we’ll focus on fact #1.

We’re proud to have helped Wilmington become a so-called “Solar Star.” Environment America Research & Policy Center recently released a report that puts Wilmington 1st in the South Atlantic region and 5th among cities nationwide for solar capacity per capita in 2014.  To help Wilmington reach a total installed photovoltaic (PV) capacity of seven megawatts, Standard Solar developed two of the largest facilities in the city: Wilmington Friends School and Delaware Technical Community College (DTCC).  When you consider our solar installations just outside Wilmington at the University of Delaware (UD) in Newark and at other DTCC campuses, we emerge as a leading solar developer in the state.

Did you noticed that all these solar projects are in the educational sector? If you did, that’s no coincidence. Educational institutions get more than clean energy out of solar power and that’s why we enjoy working with them. Onsite solar serves as a role model for students, area businesses and the community. It offers learning opportunities and can be a differentiator for prospective students. Here’s how our Wilmington-area solar installations help students learn and grow:

  • – Long a pioneer in the field of photovoltaics, UD supports a wide range of technical and energy policy research. Onsite solar gives students a firsthand understanding of how solar works. UD’s unique installation technique–one of the first of its kind ever used–provides an additional learning tool.
  • – DTCC offers leading associate degree programs in renewable energy solar, energy management and building automation systems. As host to the largest combined use of carport, rooftop and ground mount arrays in a solar installation in the state, DTCC’s solar systems form a significant part of the campus’ overall energy and environmental awareness and support hands-on classroom learning.
  • – The solar system at Wilmington Friends School–one of the largest PV installations on a K-12 school in the state–provides a unique learning opportunity for students. It also reflects the school’s commitment to stewardship and 21st century excellence in global education. Wilmington Friends even lists solar as a point of distinction on their website.

Wilmington–the biggest city within one of the smallest states in the US–has long been a solar leader, so their high ranking in the 2014 report is no surprise. They were a top solar city last year too and we’re betting they’ll rank high again next year.  We’re not holding our breath about the Lego tower world record, though–Hungary beat out Wilmington in 2014.

We applaud Wilmington’s commitment to renewable energy and we thank the city for choosing Standard Solar as a trusted solar provider. We expect to collaborate on many more projects in the future.