During the week of January 30th to February 5thfour members of the Standard Solar family traveled to Lascahobas, Haiti to volunteer on the installation of a solar PV system on a health clinic. The employees who made the trip were Standard Solar co-founder Lee Bristol and installer/electricians Matt Griffiths, Cas Kurtz-Isbell and Matt Nichols. Our team worked hard for five and a half days and had a great experience working with our Haitian teammates and returned intact without any unintended bacteria…we hope.

The Lascahobas health clinic was built by Partners in Health, an organization formed by Dr. Paul Farmer, made famous by the book “Mountains Beyond Mountains” by Tracey Kidder.  PIH has built and runs twelve clinics throughout Haiti and in many other locations in the developing world.  The Lascahobas installation was organized and financed by SELF, the Solar Electric Light Foundation, a non-profit started by our other Standard Solar co-founder, Neville Williams in 1990 and currently directed by Bob Freling.  SELF has already solar electrified three of the clinics and will eventually outfit all twelve.

The team built a 28.8 kW system consisting of one hundred twenty six (126) Solar World 230 watt modules, four (4) large Outback 3.6 kW inverters, and twenty six (26) 350 pound 2 volt batteries.  Even though we only had a few days and started off with  an empty module rack on the roof, an empty electronics room and a box truck full of modules, tools, and components, we built a working system for the clinic.  “Haiti certainly needs a lot of help,” said Matt, “and I was definitely impressed with the systems SELF is installing there. It felt good to be a part of this effort.”