Happy Earth Day! On April 22nd each year, the US is one of more than 190 countries around the world to celebrate Earth Day.  Since its founding in 1970, over 1 billion people worldwide have celebrated Earth Day and shown their support for a clean environment. We celebrate Earth Day here at Standard Solar, too.


By now you probably know that Standard Solar is a leading solar energy company specializing in the development and financing of solar electric systems nationwide. What you might not know is that we’re environmentally friendly through every aspect of our solar development – right down to the cubicles in our office.

Here’s a sampling of our internal green efforts:


What we’re doing: Our Procurement Department purchases recycled, sustainable, and organic products, even in instances where the cost may be higher than that of non-recycled materials.

Why it’s important: Take just one example, ink cartridges. According to a Planet Ark report, if 18 million ink cartridges were sent to the dump instead of recycled, this would create the waste of 3,000 tons of plastic.


What we’re doing: All cubicles were created from recycled materials and are low emitting, and all carpet and paint is environmentally friendly and low-emitting.

Why it’s important: The US Environmental Protection Agency says that air pollution indoors can be worse than outdoors. Our furniture and furnishings play a big role in contributing to indoor air quality.


What we’re doing: All the lights in our building and outdoor signage are on motion sensors and timers, and most use LED technology.

Why it’s important: Our lighting is configured to prevent wasted electricity and help conserve energy. When we reduce fossil fuel use – the main source of energy in the US – we reduce air pollution.


What we’re doing: We recycle wiring at all our development sites, and we consider other ways to limit waste whenever possible. For example, we recycle pallets at our Melwood facility.

Why it’s important: A report by the EPA estimates that 170 million tons of building-related construction and demolition (C&D) debris is generated annually. That’s a lot of waste, most of which goes to a landfill.


What we’re doing: We supplement our vehicle fleet with Sprinter vehicles rather than exclusively relying on pickup trucks.

Why it’s important: Sprinter vehicles have higher fuel efficiency ratings and are rated as low emission vehicles. Our Sprinter vans achieve fuel efficiency ratings of up to 25 mpg compared to the low to middle teens for full size pick-up trucks saving Standard Solar approximately 40% on fleet fueling costs per year.


What we’re doing: We conduct educational presentations at area schools and emphasize the urgency of clean energy to younger generations.

Why it’s important: In the future, there will be an even greater need to preserve our environment. When we educate young people, we’re educating the leaders of tomorrow.


Here at Standard Solar, we’re always on the lookout for new ways to improve the environment. April 22 might be the only official Earth Day of the year, but our philosophy is that every day is Earth Day. Let’s keep on celebrating!