As the national unemployment rate falls to 8.9%, renewable energy companies are doing their part to create jobs for America’s future.  Environment America released today that an estimated 60,000 jobs are created for people interested in the solar and wind energy industries. Many companies around the country are receiving grants allowing them to grow their workforces and their businesses. “At a time when many companies and whole sectors were slowing down, this federal investment program really helped the renewable energy industries to come off the bench to deliver a slam dunk for our economy and our environment” Sean Garren, Clean Energy Advocate of Environment America.

At Standard Solar, we’ve increased our working capital year over year as we continue to grow our residential, commercial, and utility sectors. Today at Standard Solar, we employ over 80 employees and plan to continue adding to our workforce in the coming months and years to support our growth. We are proud to be an engine for economic growth in our service markets and this emerging industry .