Congratulations to Standard Solar and Standard Energy Solutions President Scott Wiater for graduating from Leadership Maryland Class of 2013. Wiater recently completed an eight-month leadership development program and was honored at a black-tie reception and dinner held on December 10th, 2013.

Leadership Maryland is an independent, educational leadership development organization that informs top level executives from the public and private sectors about the critical issues, challenges and opportunities facing the State of Maryland, and its regions. The program’s goal is to broaden the base of leaders through the development of individual interest, statewide knowledge and leadership ability in order to address state wide issues and make a unified effort to help shape Maryland’s future. Wiater, who participated with a class of 48 other state leaders, had the opportunity to engage in a broad range of experiences. We had a chance to catch up with Wiater to discuss his experience with the Maryland Leadership program:

1. Why do you think is it important for industry leaders, such as yourself, to participate in Leadership Maryland?

Leadership Maryland provides a perspective of the state that is unique and invaluable. It is important for industry leaders to be aware of the opportunities and challenges the State of Maryland faces.  By meeting and building solid relationships with other leaders, it allows us to partner together for the greater cause of shaping the State of Maryland’s future.

 2. What’s the hardest part about participating in the program?

I think coordinating the program’s time commitment along with my personal and business schedule was the one of the more challenging aspects of participating– but it was well worth it.

 3. What did you enjoy most about the program?

I enjoyed meeting a broad and diverse group of peers who all came from very different backgrounds and business sectors– private, public, governments, etc.  It was great establishing friendships with many of Maryland’s top leaders and seeing how each individual/ business sector approaches different business challenges. The program is very exciting, as Maryland’s business environment is constantly changing, throughout the eight month period there was always something new to discuss. It was great connecting with other leaders in Maryland to combine knowledge, experience and influence for the greater good of Maryland.

4. What was your most memorable experience?

There were so many experiences, our group was exposed to diverse regions, innovative approaches, and complexities in a variety of industries. We got to travel to all different parts of the state; though I live and work in Maryland, there were a few places I never had the chance to visit until the program. Unfortunately participants are not allowed to go into detail about our meetings, trainings, or social events – what happens at Leadership Maryland, stays at Leadership Maryland.  Being able to share these experiences with my peers was most memorable. Through the program, I connected with leaders in a variety of industries and developed great relationships.

5. How has this experience inspired your goals for the upcoming year?

The program really inspired me to do more for my community and my business. I plan to focus more on giving back to the community and participating in more philanthropy work. One of my goals next year is to dedicate more time to the Touching Heart Foundation, a non-profit organization that teaches children the importance of giving back to the less fortunate. I plan to also continue to maintain and broaden connections and work to help others as much as I can and implement some of the business practices I have learned within the Standard Solar business.

6. What would you recommend to another professional that’s looking into to the program?

I would definitely recommend that other professionals and industry leaders pursue the Leadership Maryland program. Though participating in the program requires commitment of a great amount of time and travel throughout the State – it is worth the time invested.  For professionals interested, I would tell them not to hesitate and participate.

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