In September we announced that Standard Energy Solutions (SES) was awarded the DC Solar United neighborhoods Ward 1 Solar Bulk purchase agreement. We are happy to update that we recently completed our first installation under the bulk purchase agreement! Early last week, the SES team installed a 3.5kW system on the roof of a home in the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood. Homeowners Mike Magor & Katherine Lenard were both excited to be the first in the neighborhood to go solar. “We were first introduced to DC SUN when a representative from the Ward 1 bulk purchase agreement group came around the neighborhood and rang our doorbell asking if we would be interested in signing up. We attended the initial meeting at the local library and thought it was something we could afford” said Katherine Lenard.

 The solar bulk purchase agreement was organized by DC Solar United Neighborhoods (DC SUN), a coalition of neighborhood solar coops that work with neighborhood representatives to provide technical support, guide the group through the process, and issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) from local installers once at least 20 people have signed up for the bulk purchase. “Going solar as part of a group has the advantage of making the solarization process much easier to navigate because you can rely on the expertise of the group. Plus, the pay back for many of these systems is a little over one year!” said Anya Schoolman, president of the DC SUN.  SES was selected as the single company out of nine local installers to complete all 30 installations in the MT. Pleasant and Ward 1 neighborhoods. “My husband and I were a part of the selection committee, SES was our first pick primarily due to their use of American made panels,” Leonard stated. “We had been thinking about it for years but finally made the big step when presented with the opportunity from DC SUN. Before it seemed too expensive and difficult but doing it through DC SUN took all the work out of it. They are a great source of information and made the process a lot smoother.” By participating in the DC SUN program, it’s estimated that the group of neighbors will save over 30% off the cost of their solar systems.

The installation process took only a few hours and the system passed inspection and became fully operational within the next day. The SES team worked diligently to support the Magor-Lenard family with any questions they had throughout all phases of the process.  “The entire process was well done and handled professionally. Communication was good and the quality of work was great. We are very happy so far with the installation, we get the biggest kick out of going down and taking a look at the meter and watching it roll back. In fact, we a drive a Chevy Volt and our car is now charging off the energy produced by our solar system. We would absolutely would recommend SES to our friends and family,” said Lenard.

“As a DC resident with deep involvement in the DC solar community, I am especially honored that SES has been selected to help make solar energy more accessible to more homeowners within the District,” said Tony Clifford, CEO of Standard Solar and Standard Energy Solutions. “Bulk purchase groups are a cost-effective way to help neighborhoods and communities benefit from solar energy while taking advantage of economies of scale during the installation process.” SES is thrilled to be working with the Ward 1 Solar bulk purchase group. SES currently has half of the participant’s contracts on file is expecting to receive several others before the end of the year. Our team is planning to install an additional two systems this week and looks forward to installing a few more in the upcoming weeks.