This week is dedicated to celebrating our Earth – but we should also be taking this time to look for ways to protect it the whole year. On Monday, “Good Morning, America aired a segment on the top ways of how going green can save money. Some of the green practices included on the show were carpooling (savings up to $1,300/year), growing a vegetable garden (savings from $25-$2,000/ a year), line drying clothes (savings up to $85/year) and switching to energy efficient lighting (savings up to $112/year).

Another important way to go green and save money is making your home more energy efficient by getting an at-home energy assessment. According to the report, the savings from making your home more energy efficient can be about $570. Standard Energy Solutions can help you capture similar savings with a comprehensive home assessment. We know that your home is important to you.  Let Standard Energy Solutions help you celebrate Earth Day all year round and find out how your home could be more comfortable and efficient.