Last Thursday, November 18th, Standard Solar and Rockville Ice Arena dedicated one of the largest single rooftop solar arrays in the state of Maryland at 701 kW.

The array, consisting of over 2,000 SunTech solar panels, will supply approximately 30% of the ice arena’s energy needs. The Maven Group will purchase electricity produced by the panels from Standard Solar at a price lower than that of the normal utility rate.

Standard Solar CEO, Tony Clifford, and Steven Schooler, managing member of the Maven Group, both spoke of the importance of the solar array to the area and to Rockville Ice Arena itself.

“Having solar energy at the arena is literally a win-win for everyone: the players, the arena managers and

the envirnment,” said Standard Solar CEO Tony Clifford. “Not only will the system help control electricity costs and reduce carbon emissions, but it will also ensure the rink’s future as a training ground for aspiring hockey stars.”

“This was an easy business decision. Ice rinks are an energy-intensive operation. We need to help our tenants manage costs, while providing activities like skating and hockey that have a more benign impact on the environment,” said Stuart Schooler, managing member, The Maven Group. “After all, the C&O Canal is only thick enough for skating two to three weeks per year.”

The arena lobby houses an LCD monitor that allows arena visitors to view real time and historical production for the array. If you would like to see it for yourself, please visit Rockville Ice Arena at 50 Southlawn Court, Rockville, Maryland.