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This year, Standard Solar, a Brookfield company, proudly celebrates 20 years of excellence in breaking down barriers to commercial and community solar development. Over the past two decades, we have expanded access to renewable energy for businesses, institutions, farms, governments, communities and utilities. From our modest beginnings as a residential solar provider in 2004, we have evolved into a leading solar asset owner, with over 500 MW owned, operated and under construction across more than 20 states and the District of Columbia. Our integrated approach ensures that each project benefits from our expert team’s guidance, reducing complexities, engineering tailored solutions and securing necessary resources to deliver photovoltaic systems with long-term financial benefits.

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Whether you’re working on a complex multi-site portfolio, looking for help developing environmental impact solutions, need funding or have a project that’s ready for acquisition, we’re here to simplify the funding and development process while strengthening every aspect of your solar PV project through every phase of its lifecycle.

“Nike and our employees are proud to support this new and innovative way to lower carbon emissions and reduce the cost of energy in our backyard,” said Seana Hannah, Vice President of Sustainable Innovation. “We’re also excited that a portion of the project’s savings will be directed to households in our community who need these benefits most.”

Seana Hannah

Vice President of Sustainable Innovation, Nike

“At Microsoft, part of our vision for a sustainable future is advocating for innovative technology that empowers and benefits everyone,” said Katie Ross, . “We are proud to be a lead partner in this initiative that helps achieve environmental goals while also supporting low-income residences with clean, affordable energy. We are excited to partner on this project and be part of bringing a greener grid to the entire Clackamas County community.”

Katie Ross

Global Sustainability Program Manager, Microsoft

“Working with our partners for a more sustainable Newark is an immense priority for my administration. We are acting locally while thinking globally on this world-changing issue. Port Newark’s solar energy project will help make our city healthier for present and future generations alike. We must continue efforts that combine our local infrastructure with clean power generation, driving Newark Forward—building new jobs, increasing the air quality of our community, and doing our part to fight climate change.”

Ras Baraka

Mayor of Newark (NJ)

“At New Leaf Energy, we take pride in focusing on projects that provide the greatest value to decarbonizing the electricity system, and community solar projects fit that bill: they bring clean, renewable power to more consumers and add resiliency to the electrical grid. We are excited to continue our partnership with Standard Solar and bring more community solar online where it’s needed most.”

Brendan Neagle

Executive Vice President for Project Finance, New Leaf Energy

“Lehigh University has a bold, comprehensive plan to become a carbon-neutral institution, one driven by University and Lehigh Valley stakeholders. This project will play a key role in our strategy, delivering rapid emissions reductions to help meet our ambitious goals. We thank EDF Renewables and Standard Solar for their partnership and look forward to producing clean energy onsite for our community and environment.”

Audrey McSain

Sustainability Director, Lehigh University

“We are pleased to build on our successful partnership with Standard Solar and support Lehigh University’s ambitions to achieve carbon neutrality. We look forward to further opportunities with Standard Solar.”

Myles Burnsed

VP Business Development, EDF Renewables

“New Leaf Energy’s mission is to accelerate the transition to a world powered by renewable energy. Community solar projects are an integral piece of that world, and we’re so proud to partner with Standard Solar as they invest in that mission in Virginia.”

Brendan Neagle

Executive Vice President of Project Finance, New Leaf Energy

“The Messer McGregor facility marks the first time an air separation unit has had a significant portion of its electricity demand met through a direct connect solar energy scheme. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) market structure and abundance of open space and sunlight make this project a win from an environmental and economic perspective. Messer continues its journey to be a leader in the energy transition in the Americas.”

Chris Ebeling

EVP, Sales and Marketing US Bulk, Messer Americas

“This project is exciting for EDF Renewables, having been in the works for quite some time. We are fortunate to have cultivated a strong partnership with the Messer team, all while collaborating with our longstanding partner, Standard Solar. It is gratifying to play a pivotal role in facilitating Messer’s expansion in Texas through renewable energy sources.”

Lincoln Lande

Vice President of Business Development, EDF Renewables

“New Leaf Energy is proud to work with a great partner like Standard Solar to deliver clean energy to customers throughout Illinois. New Leaf has made a long-term commitment to the state of Illinois thanks to the state’s ambitious clean energy targets, and we are excited to continue building long-term relationships with local communities to diversify their energy sources and bring additional revenue into their local economies.”

Ryan Bailey

Vice President of Development for the Midwest, New Leaf Energy

“MHG is excited to be partnered with Standard Solar on this portfolio of projects. MHG is exclusively focused on developing thoughtfully located, high-quality, clean energy projects in Vermont to help guide the State forward on its continued path as a national leader in renewable energy commitments and this portfolio represents another big step in that direction. We’re excited for the future of renewable energy in Vermont.”

Thomas Hand

Co-owner, MHG Solar

“This project aligns well with our school values of innovation and collaboration. We’re proud to be moving forward in a more efficient and sustainable way while also providing valuable hands-on learning experience for our students.”

Brian Booth

Executive Leader, Unity Christian School

“The project also offers an educational opportunity. Students can delve into solar power, experiencing its benefits firsthand and gaining insights into its workings.”

Ed Keane

Facilities Manager, Unity Christian School

“This West Campus solar farm project is not just a renewable energy venture; it’s a testament to The Catholic University of America’s dedication to creating a sustainable future for our nation and world. As we illuminate our campus with clean energy, we also enlighten minds through education and invite the community to join us on this transformative journey toward a greener and more sustainable world.”

Peter Kilpatrick

President, The Catholic University of America

“This solar farm is the green economy in action, creating green jobs and providing solar credits to cover more than one-third of the electricity used by Somerville’s municipal buildings and functions. For our community, this is more than just a cost savings, it’s an important step forward in our goal to be carbon net negative by 2050. I can’t thank Standard Solar and ECA Solar enough for the good work done here.”

Katjana Ballantyne

Mayor of Somerville

“Given our university’s location in the heart of Washington, D.C., we are deeply committed to serving as responsible stewards of the Earth. Our aim is to earnestly support the clean energy and energy-efficiency goals advocated by our elected officials.”

Robert Specter

Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer & University Treasurer, The Catholic University of America

“ECA values its partnership with Standard Solar in completing this, and other, solar projects. We’re proud of the work we have accomplished at Industri-plex together and are excited to see this project completed, bringing forward a bright future for this site and this community.”

Todd Fryatt

Founder and CEO of ECA Solar

“Lehigh University has a bold, comprehensive plan to become a carbon-neutral institution, one driven by University and Lehigh Valley stakeholders,” said Audrey McSain, Sustainability Director at Lehigh University. “This project will play a key role in our strategy, delivering rapid emissions reductions to help meet our ambitious goals. We thank EDF Renewables and Standard Solar for their partnership and look forward to producing clean energy onsite for our community and environment.”

Audrey McSain & Emily Collins

Sustainability Director at Lehigh University Media Relations Specialist at Lehigh University

We are pleased to build on our successful partnership with Standard Solar and support Lehigh University’s ambitions to achieve carbon neutrality. We look forward to further opportunities with Standard Solar.

Myles Burnesed & Sandi Briner

Vice President of Strategic Renewables for EDF Renewables Vice President of Corporate Communications for EDF Renewables

Producing clean water is energy intensive and the ability to utilize clean energy is immensely beneficial. That’s why we’re delighted to announce our latest solar project. EDF Renewables and Standard Solar have been wonderful partners for us as we decarbonize our operations and begin to reap the benefits of our solar + storage installations.

Matthew Mostoller

District Manager, Acton Water District

Incorporating solar energy is cost-effective and helps the environment while reducing energy expenses and funneling savings to resources that directly impact student success.

Dr. Jim Thornton.

Division Superintendent, Isle of Wight County Schools

Clean energy is an essential part of our district-wide sustainability efforts. Our partnership with Standard Solar will help reduce our carbon footprint while saving the district millions of dollars over the 25-year agreement.

Alan Reising

Long Beach Unified School District Business Services Administrator

This project represents the culmination of a decade-long vision to build out rooftop solar across the Caltech campus. Our campus in Pasadena now hosts 2 megawatts of onsite solar capacity, furthering our efforts towards carbon reduction and eventually carbon neutrality.

Maximilian Christman

Caltech Sustainability Manager

Delivering Successful Projects Nationwide

Illinois Community Solar Portfolio
Illinois Community Solar Portfolio

Illinois Community Solar Portfolio

This series of projects, slated to generate 84 MW of solar energy, will significantly contribute to Illinois’ goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reaching 100% renewables by 2050.

  • 84 MW

Port Newark Container Terminal

Port Newark Container Terminal

This 7.2 MW system for Port Newark Container Terminal (PNCT) in Newark, NJ was an ambitious leap forward around sustainability for America’s second largest port city and serves as a prime example for other cities seeking energy savings and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

  • 3.4 MW


  • 3.8 MW




Rockville, Md. – Marking its first foray into the Texas renewable energy market, Standard Solar today announced its latest acquisition of a 9.9-megawatt (MWac) behind-the-meter solar project to sustainably power part of an industrial process load for Messer Americas in Texas.

  • 9.9 MW

Catholic University of America

Catholic University of America

Standard Solar helps the Catholic University of America forward its commitment to sustainability by with the DC area’s largest urban community solar array

  • 7.5 MW

    Community Solar Array

  • 10,000

    MWh Annually

  • 2,700

    Solar Panels

Colorado State University

Standard Solar and partners help Colorado State University forward its commitment to clean energy.

  • 4.25 MW

  • 10,628 panels


Standard Solar and their partners have completed development of a solar and storage project in Acton, Massachusetts

  • 4.69 MW

  • 4 MWh Storage

  • 5866 MWh


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