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Opportunities, Strategies & Best Practices for Electrical Balance of Systems Optimization

As module prices have fallen—dropping roughly from $4 per watt in 2006 to $0.60 per watt in 2016—the costs for BOS components in general and electrical BOS (eBOS) components in particular have become a larger percentage of installed PV system costs. Moreover, the industry has largely identified and leveraged the low-hanging fruit of eBOS cost reductions, such as increasing the nominal system voltage on nonresidential systems from 600 Vdc to 1,000 Vdc and making widespread use of aluminum rather than copper conductors on large-scale systems. So where will eBOS cost reductions come from next?

Consolidation Will Spur Future C&I Success for Solar

By Scott Wiater - Revolutions in financing have cemented solar energy as a mainstay of U.S. energy production in the residential and utility market segments. But one segment of the solar market still struggling to find its footing among finance professionals is the commercial and industrial (C&I) segment.

Solar’s Next Challenge? Riding Out the Turbulence

By Scott Wiater, President - "Despite the sustained and nearly unprecedented growth in solar installations in recent years, current news surrounding SunEdison’s bankruptcy and other underperforming public companies, combined with the state-level utility/solar squabbles over net-metering, has some potential customers nervous about investing in solar."

Lessons Learned: 3 Tips to Ensure a Successful Commercial Microgrid

By C.J. Colavito, Director of Engineering, Standard Solar

Dominion powering education (literally and figuratively)

Dominion subsidiary Dominion Virginia Power and Standard Solar have completed the largest single rooftop array in Virginia -- a 1 MW (dc) solar array at Western Branch High School in Chesapeake, Va.

Solyndra vs. SunEdison: 2 Bankruptcies Show How Solar Has Changed

When solar manufacturer Solyndra went belly up in 2011, it led to a full-blown Washington scandal, with congressional hearings and accusations of White House wrongdoing. Solyndra became a one-word expletive that tagged the young solar industry as a boondoggle.

Western Branch Cuts Ribbon on State's Largest Rooftop Solar Panel System

Western Branch High School, along with Dominion Power, cut the ribbon on a brand-new rooftop solar energy system on Wednesday.

Case Study: Solar Project Powers Empowerment for the Disabled.

Melwood partnered with Standard Solar to build a 413.8 kW rooftop system on its Horticulture Training Center, along with a 517.1 kW carport system (930 kW total), which will provide 95 percent of the center’s energy needs.