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From the General Services Administration to US Department of Energy to numerous cities and towns Standards Solar understands working in the public sector.

When your organization makes the change to renewable solar energy, you’ll recognize immediate energy savings today, and protection against future utility rate increases that can threaten your financial stability.

Federal Agencies

From our first installation atop the Department of Energy building in Washington, D.C., Standard Solar has partnered with federal agencies to meet renewable energy goals with unmatched expertise. Standard Solar offers comprehensive solar solutions from system design to installation through operations and maintenance. Our team leverages an established supply chain, our integrated power purchase agreement (IPPA) and broad industry partnerships to ensure the viability and success of your photovoltaic system.

State Entities

As a leading solar developer, Standard Solar has more than a decade of experience and deep knowledge of regional environmental and regulatory landscapes. Standard Solar is an exceptional partner for state governments looking to adopt solar energy, offering comprehensive solutions from site evaluation through the life-cycle of your solar PV system.


Standard Solar has developed pioneering municipal solar PV systems, utilizing expansive knowledge of environmental and regulatory landscapes and long-standing industry partnerships to offer local governments the reliability and financial stability of solar energy. Driven to serve their citizens with a forward-thinking energy solution, municipal governments have unique opportunities to influence their environmental and financial future with solar PV.

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