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Connecticut Town Opts For Novel Finance Plan To Build 3.6 MW Municipal Project
03/10/2015  |  

Maryland-based Standard Solar Inc. will design and install a 3.6 MW solar power system for the Town of Stafford, Conn., as part of a program to make the town's municipal load completely satisfied by renewable energy.


Stafford Installing 3.6 MW of Solar
03/10/2015  |  

The town of Stafford, CT has teamed up with Standard Solar to install 3.6 MW of solar on the town's landfill and at the local middle school.


Standard Solar to Install 3.6MW Solar System for Town of Stafford, Connecticut; Town Takes Leadership Role in Northeast through Innovative Municipal Solar Financing Approach
03/09/2015  |  

Standard Solar, Inc., a leader in the full-service development, construction, integration, financing and installation of solar electric systems, today announced it will design and install a 3.6 Megawatt (MW) solar system for the Town of Stafford, Conn. The project will feature three arrays: two located at Stafford Middle School (1.3MW each) and a 954 kW array at the Town’s landfill. Comprised of 11,780 panels, the virtual net-metered system will offset all of the school’s electrical usage and most of the Town’s other municipal buildings.


Cesar Chavez Adds Solar Power for Reduced Energy Costs, Improved STEM Opportunities
03/03/2015  |  

The Cesar Chavez Public Charter Schools for Public Policy has installed an interactive learning solar power system at its Washington D.C. Parkside Campus.


AC/DG: The Powerful Appeal of Getting Off the Grid
02/27/2015  |  

British billionaire Richard Branson struck a monumental partnership with NRG Energy Inc. (NRG) last year to shift his 74-acre Necker Island to 75% renewable energy by the end of 2015.