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Standard Solar Installs Multi-Building Solar System Featuring a Carport, Parking Garage Canopy and Rooftop Array for Commercial Real Estate Developer, DANAC
02/15/2017  |  

Improved sustainability for its corporate center drove pursuit of solar solution


Maryland legislature overrides governor’s clean-energy veto
02/03/2017  |  

The Maryland Senate, following the lead of the House, completed the expected veto override this afternoon, sending Gov. Larry Hogan a stunning rebuke and reflecting the will of the overwhelming pro-solar Maryland population.


Ribbon-cuttings mark Stafford projects
01/23/2017  |  

STAFFORD — Officials were scheduled to mark the beginning of operations at two major projects — a newly built solar array and an affordable housing complex — with ribbon-cutting ceremonies today.


Top Ten Solar Novus Articles of 2016
01/23/2017  |  

Solar Novus Today readers are bright, knowledgeable professionals who are interested in keeping up with what is new and significant in the industry. By looking at the ten most-read articles in 2016, we see key trends including: batteries and energy storage, concentrated solar power, research that’s helping increase the efficiency of solar, operations & maintenance and practical and useful solar installations.


North American Clean Energy Jan/Feb Issue
01/23/2017  |