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Inc 5000 Award

Standard Solar has been named one of the Fastest Growing Private Companies in America for four consecutive years by Inc. Magazine.

NABCEP - National American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners

To ensure the highest level of expertise to our customers, Standard Solar projects are managed by NABCEP certified professionals every step of the way.

Green Business Certification Program - Montgomery County, MD

Standard Solar is a Montgomery County Certified Green Business. We are committed to reducing our waste, recycling and reusing materials and promoting other sustainability practices throughout all areas of the business.

News & Events

Standard Solar Completes 800kw Solar Installation at Delaware Technical Community College; Delaware’s Largest Combined Use of Carports, Rooftops and Ground Mounts

ROCKVILLE, MDApril 11, 2014In late December 2013 Delaware Technical Community College became host to Delaware’s largest combined use of carport, rooftop and ground mount arrays in a solar installation. Standard Solar, Inc., a leader in the full-service development, construction, integration, financing and installation of solar electric systems, installed the 800 kilowatt (kw), 2,645 panel solar system which includes solar installations at all four Delaware Technical Community College locations. Financing for the expected annual 1,075 megawatt hour project was arranged through a long-term Power Purchase Agreement by Urban Grid Holdings, LLC (Urban Grid), a specialist in the development and financing of mid- to large-sized commercial solar projects.

How alternative energy companies use big data

It’s the middle of a steaming hot summer afternoon. You’re at home, blasting the air conditioner, washing your clothes, and standing in front of the open freezer while the TV plays in the background.You may not realize it, but you’re racking up kilowatts, increasing your utility bill, and adding to Earth’s pollutants.

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Tesla Just Took Its First Step Toward Obliterating The Power Companies

Elon Musk just announced details  of Tesla's plan to start pumping out lithium ion batteries like M&Ms at its planned "Gigafactory." Obviously, it's big news for electric vehicles as this should bring down the cost of a very expensive component. But it has equal and possibly greater significance for renewable energy.

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Avoiding Nightmares: Operation and Maintenance Are Critical to the Success and Profitability of Photovoltaic Systems

Spending money on the operations and maintenance (O&M) of photovoltaic (PV) power systems may seem counterintuitive when assessing a project’s revenue stream, but O&M is a critical part of the return on investment from these systems.

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Implementing a Solar PPA: What works, what doesn’t

When looking to develop commercial or utility scale solar projects, identifying your financing options is one of your top priorities.  In today’s solar industry, most developers are using a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to get their deals done.

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Transmission and Energy Storage 2014 Outlook: The Macro and Micro Transformation of Electric Grids

The transmission industry enters 2014 with a lot of work ahead as it continues to recreate the grid and make it more renewable energy-ready. On the macro level, transmission lines are being developed worldwide to move green power long distances from remote regions to power-hungry population centers.

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WSSC turns to solar power to cut sewage- treatment electricity costs

On a recent gray December morning, nearly 8,500 solar panels covering 13 acres in Germantown tilted toward the sky, straining to harness any glimmer of sunlight. Their host: a sewage-treatment plant in Montgomery County, one of the first in the Washington region to try solar power.

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Microinverters Moving Into Commercial-Scale Solar: When Will It Happen?

Back in mid-August, Vine Fresh Produce in Ontario unveiled a 2.3-MW solar rooftop array on its greenhouse, the largest commerical rooftop project under the province's feed-in tariff (FIT). This system notably incorporates a technology that's been more familiar in the U.S. residential solar market: microinverters.
2013 Ground-Mount Project of the Year Runner-Up: Konterra Solar Microgrid

Energy storage is a fairly overlooked option when it comes to solar projects. Batteries are a necessary addition when the solar system is out in the wilderness and most definitely off-grid, but when it comes to larger commercial installations in urban environments, energy storage isn’t often included in the plans.

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New batteries to change solar energy storage

While electricity sourcing from storage technologies for renewable energy is only emerging, it could soon become mainstream. Inspired by electric car energy storage, tech companies are providing customers of residential solar systems with batteries that can store solar power, according to Fortune Magazine.

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