Solar PV project development now dominates the power generation landscape and is likely to do so until a new technology displaces it. State policy directives, rapidly declining component costs, free fuel and favorable tax policy are the drivers. The technology comes in all shapes and sizes – from residential, to commercial, to utility. And for consumers, it is the runaway clean power choice.

This EUCI symposium will study several solar project development prototypes, off-take arrangements and operational scenarios. Case studies will highlight best practices of these power plant development types: build-transfer, merchant build and operated, utility-commissioned, solar-plus-storage and brownfield. They will examine multiple power sourcing options including load-serving, corporate-contracted and government-committed supply scenarios. Finally, the program will feature solar’s exceptional scalability, which allows the technology to participate in wholesale electricity markets, deliver power at a distributed level and convert farmland and abandoned property into cash registers.

Hear from the Standard Solar Team:

Michael Streams, Chief Development Officer

Capitalizing on the Community Solar Boom – Michael Streams, Chief Development Officer, Standard Solar

The solar revolution really had its roots at the residential scale. While that scale of solar development continues to flourish, another is spreading across the residential landscape at the community scale. Standard Solar, an early major player in this realm, continues its expansion. It will review the characteristics that generally contribute to a successful community solar project, as well as how to overcome the barriers that complicate their implementation.