As the region accelerates clean energy deployments, what solutions need to be funded and deployed on the grid so that our electric system remains reliable and resilient as it decarbonizes? The Building the Decarbonized Grid Summit will highlight the solutions for grid operations and management that can lower carbon and improve service, while also supporting the broader decarbonization goals of government entities, corporations and citizens.

This virtual event over two days will explore a cross section of the critical capabilities that need deeper investment now, and over coming years, to ensure that deeply decarbonized energy systems in the wider region run effectively.

Hear from the Standard Solar Team:

C.J. Colavito, Rep, Vice President of Engineering

Leveraging Real-Time System Visibility to Integrate Solar (11AM), C.J. Colavito, Vice President of Engineering, Standard Solar

Traditional approaches to modeling and managing the distribution system are quickly becoming insufficient to navigate the complexity of dynamic load from solar, EVs and other distributed energy resources. To manage a decarbonized grid, utilities will need real-time visibility and control of all operational assets. Innovative software solutions can leverage data from every end point on the system, including smart meters, solar inverters and EV chargers, to deliver real-time visibility and control, but deploying these technologies at scale requires new business models and incentives. The panelists for this session will draw upon their work together in New York to discuss the technical and financial hurdles that must be addressed to effectively integrate solar with grid operations and deliver value for all parties.