The countdown to President Donald J. Trump’s decision on imposing tariffs on imported solar modules has begun. With that in mind, it’s becoming increasingly imperative for the solar industry to let the president hear about the job-creating engine he’d be destroying with steep tariffs. #tossthetradecase

  1. These alleged “American” companies—Suniva and SolarWorld—aren’t remotely American. They are owned by foreign companies who want to take your tax dollars to bail out their bad decisions. President Donald J. Trump should toss the trade case. #tossthetradecase
  2. These foreign firms can’t get any satisfaction from their own governments—their own governments—in this fight. Shouldn’t that tell you something? Can we all agree there’s something fishy about the whole trade case at its core? #tossthetradecase
  3. More than 80,000 Americans’ jobs are at stake if President Trump decides in favor of Suniva and SolarWorld, including 38,000 manufacturing jobs these two companies claim they’re trying to protect. Disgraceful. #tossthetradecase
  4. Here’s something else to consider: Two-thirds of solar jobs in the United States don’t require a college degree. Those are the kinds of jobs the U.S. economy needs to keep it going (and it created 1 in every 50 jobs in the entire economy in 2016.) Just. Say. No. #tossthetradecase
  5. Here’s the final reason President Trump should #tossthetradecase: Even if Suniva and SolarWorld get relief, they still won’t be able to compete internationally. Global foreign and U.S. solar firms are getting so big that they are using more robots than people in manufacturing.

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