We’re saddling up (on a plane) to visit the high desert tomorrow, where the 1.5 MW solar electric system that we’ve partnered with Taos, NM-based Kit Carson Rural Electric Cooperative (KCEC) to build is well underway. We will be co-hosting a dedication ceremony for the array being installed on property owned by the Rio Costilla Cooperative Livestock Association (RCCLA) near Amalia, NM. Local, state and national government officials and many of our business partners will be on hand to help us celebrate this remarkable solar development.

The project is a 1.5 MW single-axis tracking solar electric system that will generate in excess of 2.9 million kWh of clean, renewable electricity annually, enough to power 376 average New Mexico homes for a year. A single-axis tracking array moves the solar panels throughout the day to ensure they are always absorbing as much of the sun’s energy as possible. The solar array, consisting of 5,280 panels, will also offset approximately 1,500 tons of greenhouse gases per year, the equivalent of planting a 221-acre forest. Washington Gas Energy Systems will own and operate the system.

We are really excited to see the progress being made on the system. When it’s complete later this spring, all of the businesses and homes of north central New Mexico will be solar powered on sunny days!