2013 is the year we are giving back control. After taking a look at Standard Solar’s success in helping homeowners over the years, we noticed a common theme among Standard Solar and Standard Energy Solutions (SES) customers. Whether their interest lies in home solar or energy efficiency, our customers enjoy the satisfaction that comes once they are able to take control of their energy usage and its performance. So we are making some changes to better meet the needs and desires of our customers. As a result, SES is expanding to encompass all home energy management. Our new, holistic product offering includes home solar, home generators and smart home technology solutions in addition to the top-notch energy efficiency audits and retrofits we are known for. Overall, we’ve made it so that we can provide a simplified, streamlined service for our customers, from start to finish.

SES launched in 2009 to provide comprehensive energy audits, custom upgrades and retrofits in order to maximize energy efficiency at home. We’ve been happy to help our customers lower their utility bills, and realize healthier and more comfortable homes. However, as technology advances and home solar becomes more accessible, we’ve needed to grow the range of products and services we offer. There are so many options now to control energy usage at home: upgrades to help seal windows and doors, increased insulation, technologies that allow you to adjust your thermostat, outlets and lighting via the internet from any connected device, and even better, can alert you when someone forgets to turn off a light. Our team can help you determine and implement the best and most effective applications for your home.

A key addition to our offerings – home generators. As many of us located on the East Coast have experienced all too recently, the realities of an aging and overtaxed electric grid and increasingly volatile weather events like last fall’s Superstorm Sandy make power outages a concern for many. We’ve responded by including natural or propane gas generators in our stable of solutions. Generators can keep your home running when the power goes out, from essential circuits to whole home operation. It’s a welcome bit of peace of mind, and we are happy to offer the best products on the market.

We are so excited to make SES the single source for home energy management, and as always, commit to providing the utmost in customer service and professionalism.

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