As warm weather, snowbirds and oil prices head north for summer, now might be a good time to consider updating or upgrading your HVAC system for better efficiency.

After spending $2,000 on home heating oil for the winter, Virginia couple Suzi and James found themselves dreading summer cooling bills and began researching ways to improve their home’s energy efficiency.  The couple learned that geothermal systems use the constant, mild temperature deep underground to help keep indoor temperatures cooler in summer and warmer in the winter.  Using the earth’s naturally stable underground temperature to offset seasonal temperature differences on the surface is highly efficient.

In their research the couple found that some utility companies offer financial incentives for improving energy efficiency and that state and Federal tax breaks can help further offset the cost of upgrading (we’ll be talking more about this in subsequent blog posts).  The couple soon had a geothermal system installed and their heating bills dropped to around $100 a month.

This couple relied on their own research and experience in their home to select the efficiency upgrades they felt were right for them, but you do not have to go it alone.  Standard Energy Solutions (SES), a division of Standard Solar specializing in energy assessment and home energy improvements, can perform a comprehensive on-site energy assessment that covers everything from attic insulation to foundation vents in just a few hours.  Within a couple of days, the home or business owner gets a thorough report on the efficiency of the building’s appliances, HVAC system and insulation as well as a list of recommended improvements.  The experts at SES will then work to develop a plan to help you get the most out of your energy and improvement budget.

Whether you decide to do the investigation and improvement work yourself or have SES perform a professional energy assessment and manage the upgrade process for you, a small investment in energy efficiency will save you money and keep your home or business more comfortable indefinitely.  How many other investments offer that type of return?