Part of the reason I love working in the solar industry is the generosity of its people. So many companies—many you’ve heard of and many more you haven’t—aren’t just in the industry for the money. They are in it to help everyday citizens, which is why so many companies contribute philanthropic efforts. They feel obligated to share their own good fortune with those around them and, as much as possible, invest in their communities to affect positive changes.

At Standard Solar, we’re fortunate enough to translate our solar success into our own philanthropic mission, and we participate actively in a variety charities in the Maryland/Washington D.C. area.

For example, Standard Solar works closely with the Touching Heart Foundation in Herndon, Va. Created to inspire kids to think beyond their own narrow interests, Touching Heart’s programs help kids raise money to alleviate some of the trials and tribulations of less-fortunate children around the globe. These kids are something special and remind us all that the world is bigger than ourselves. We’re proud sponsors of the organization and provide active support to its mission. Our Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary Stuart Soberman is a member of its board of directors and our President and I’m proud to say I’ve also been very involved over the years.

We also sponsor the Community Services for Autistic Adults and Children (CSAAC), whose mission is to “enable individuals with autism to achieve their highest potential and contribute as confident members of their community.” People with autism are some of the most misunderstood members of American society because they perceive the world differently from their neurotypical peers. CSAAC sole mission is to help autistic people receive the services they need to lead full, productive lives, including a special Community School, residential programs to support its clients and their families, and post-educational vocational training. We are incredibly pleased to help fund their important work.

The most recent addition to our charitable efforts is to work with HeroHomes, an organization dedicated to providing “deserving veterans the pride of home ownership, a solid foundation for their futures and the dignity of an independent life.” This one hits close to home for Standard Solar because I myself am a veteran, and Standard Solar takes seriously its commitment to training these brave men and women for careers in solar. HeroHomes gives veterans opportunities to build civilian lives from the solid foundation of home ownership, and we are proud to stand with them in this important mission.

Standard Solar believes strongly in its philanthropic mission because we don’t just work in communities. We live in them, too — and we believe it’s our duty to make life better for those in our world who are less fortunate.