Earlier this week, local and school officials, Standard Solar executives, and a lively group of students gathered at George Washington Carver Elementary School in Lexington Park, MD to mark the beginning of the installation of a large-scale solar electric system supporting Maryland’s St. Mary’s County Public School System.

Also there to help brighten up the festivities: “Wattsun” the turtle, the school’s mascot who came with a sun on his chest and a solar panel on his hat. Standard Solar’s CEO, Tony Clifford, spoke at the event and the students celebrated upcoming solar installation at their school with a performance of “Bring Me Sunshine.”

Tony Clifford Speaks at George Washington Carver Elementary School

The solar system is being funded through Project Sunburst. Standard Solar and Perpetual Energy Systems will install, develop, own and operate the system.

Once completed, the elementary school’s system is expected to generate approximately 677,000 kilowatt hours of electricity in its first year of operations, representing 80 percent of the school’s energy needs. The amount of clean energy the system will produce in its first year is equivalent to taking 105.5 cars off the road each year.