Hecht proposes solar bill
Legislation designed to protect homeowners who want to put up panels
Originally published January 21, 2008

By Meg Bernhardt
News-Post Staff

“… Tony Clifford, president of Gaithersburg-based Standard Solar Inc., has worked with a few Maryland HOAs since his company started about 18 months ago.

Standard Solar installs solar panels throughout the region, including in Frederick County. He said the associations haven’t objected to the panels, but often their regulations were written before resident solar panels were an option.

Regulations will often specify that roofs be a certain style, and that doesn’t include solar panels. Clifford said he has been able to work with the groups to get those rules changed.

“I think that they realized that times have changed since those regulations were written and this was something that people in their community wanted to do.”

He believes Hecht’s bill is a good idea because there have been problems in other states. It is proactive to tackle the issue before a problem arises, he said. …”

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