Did you know that 29 percent of all Americans have listened to at least one audio podcast, and 36 million Americans have listened to a podcast within the past month*?

Well, we are hoping to add to those numbers. We are excited to launch RE:NEW, a podcast series created to provide insight and information to help drive industry thought and market awareness of key renewable energy trends. Talking to today’s solar business leaders, we’ll cover everything from the nuts and bolts of financing to connecting to the power grid, spanning the complete process of installing solar at your home or business. Our first installment, “Anatomy of a home solar electric system,” is available now and can be downloaded on our social media hub or iTunes! Whether you listen during your commute, at home or while working out, we hope that you make RE:NEW a part of your day, to keep up with the ever evolving world of solar.

Listen or subscribe to the Standard Solar podcast by visiting the Standard Solar social media hub or iTunes.

*According to a 2012 study conducted by Edison Research and Arbitron entitled “The Infinite Dial 2012, Navigating Digital Platforms,”