A handful of farsighted residents comprising the University Park Community Solar LLC in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC are ready to activate a 22 kilowatt solar PV system, designed and installed by Standard Solar, on the Church of the Brethren.  This culminates about two years worth of research and enterprising development of a Power Purchase Agreement under which Maryland residents own the photovoltaic system under a contract that supplies 20 years worth of electricity to the Church.

At a recent neighborhood celebration, LLC co-founder Tom Eichbaum offered his five prerequisites for organizing a community solar system and to ensure its success:

1) People who want to reduce their carbon footprints with solar energy; 2) the 30% Federal investment tax credit and other incentives, including Solar Renewable Energy Credits which can be income to system owners or sold at a market’s value ALONG WITH net metering which requires utility credits for excess generation; 3) creation of a business entity to own the system for individuals using a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA); 4) a facility to host the system; and 5) a trusted system designer and installer such as Standard Solar.

Watch and hear Tom go into a few relevant details ….

 Learn more at www.UniversityParkCommunitySolar.com and at www.StandardSolar.com.