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Solar Legislation Action Alert 10.1.08

Dear Solar Advocate: The Solar tax credit legislation is not dead! The Blue Dog Democrats pressured Representatives Steny Hoyer and Nancy Pelosi to not bring the revised Senate Bill HR6049 (http://seia.org/galleries/pdf/House_Extenders_92308.pdf) to the House Floor for a vote last week. Hoyer and Pelosi reluctantly gave in to the Blue Dogs and passed a separate bill, […]


A Little Solar, or a Lot?

from http://www.coopamerica.org/pubs/realmoney/articles/affordablesolar.cfm A Little Solar, or a Lot? There are three different variables that can determine how large a solar system homeowners should choose, says Neville Williams, founder of Standard Solar, which sells and installs solar home systems in the Mid-Atlantic: “The size of their roof, the size of their pocketbook, and the size of […]